Spring 2022: Get The Look
Laura Lee - February 23, 2022

You can feel the change; the days are getting noticeably longer, the skies are less gloomy, and there are even some nice spurts of sunshine to warm those rosy cheeks. Winter is on its way out, and with it, comes the arrival of spring. It’s time to start thinking about putting away those knitted sweaters and woolen hats and getting ready to spice things up for your spring wardrobe. So scroll on, and we’ll share with you some of the key fashion trends for this Spring season.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Jeremy Moeller

The maxi trend is officially back, from long loose-fitted pants to dresses and skirts. Pleated skirts in particular were quite popular on the runways, with the midi length being favored. Anything goes here, from plain and monochrome to bold colors and prints. Aside from the pleated midis, mini skirts are all the rage this spring season. A couple with oversized boots and knitted sweaters, statement shades pack the perfect punch to make the 90s proud.

After many seasons of the androgynous style being a front-runner, this spring we see some truly feminine pieces having their moment; from pretty pinks to playful fabrics, it’s definitely back on the radar. Female empowerment is certainly a recurring theme with minimalist bras being worn as tops, often styled with fuller pieces like undersuit jackets and coupled with long skirts. With cut-outs still holding strong, these two fashion statements have been combined to make a new form of outwear. When worn correctly, this style emanates a subtle hint of sexy.

The 00s have made a comeback with low-slung waists, saying bye-bye to the high-rise jeans that have been dominating for the past decade. This season is about showing off your midriff with the shrug-like cardigans also coming back from the shadows of the oversized ‘grandpa’ cardigans. Fashion designers are fully embracing wearing all-white ensembles, regardless of Labour Day. This trend hit the Spring runways strong with maxi dresses, blouses paired with skirt suits, and even full white suits. These chic looks make it that bit more bearable to return to the work office and say goodbye to the loungewear we’ve known and loved for the past couple of years.

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