Stephen Curry, The Basketball Superstar
Alexandra Wade - October 20, 2021

Stephen Curry is a superstar player on The Warriors team. Not only is he an all-star talent on the court, but he has taken his talents off the court many times before and is now coming out with his 9th signature sneaker with Under Armour, the Curry Flow 9, a collaboration with Sesame Street. He is also being honored as one of the 75 best players in history, a huge feat for Curry. Not only that, but he also had the amazing opportunity of interviewing Michael Jordan. It doesn’t seem like Curry is slowing down anytime soon, and we are excited to see what else he has in store.

Getty Images/Getty Images Sport Classic/Ezra Shaw

It’s pretty incredible to reach 9 signature sneakers. They were first seen on the player’s feet last month, and use UA wrap technology to help with foot stability and natural foot movement. Styles were made in collaboration with Sesame Street and offers seven different colors based on the show’s different characters. Curry said, “This collection is an opportunity for people to use their imaginations a little bit. You can really show your personality through the way that you play. I love to be creative on the court, try new things, and show different sides of myself. The ‘Sesame Street’ characters prove that everybody belongs in the world of play.” Curry also got to interview all-star Michael Jordan. Curry explained that Jordan still has the “bigger than life” personality, and explained that “anytime you have something in common with him outside of basketball like our love for golf and just the competitive nature of it and those types of things, it was cool to hear his perspective.”

Additionally, Curry got a huge honor as being one of the 75 best players in the history of the NBA. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Curry said, “The motivation is that I still feel like I have a lot left in the tank to keep climbing the ranks and continue doing amazing things on and off the court. Just the journey of staying in the moment and appreciating that and still being hungry for more is kind of a cool position to be in. I don’t want to have this vibe like I am cool and I have accomplished everything and I am just chilling and my work is done. I never want that mentality.” We know he will continue to do amazing things.

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