Subway Halo Top Milkshakes
Marc Gordon - July 14, 2019

Summer is officially here, and you are surely looking for the most refreshing and tasty way to cool yourself down (without having too much of a sugar rush of course)…

Well, Subway has got you covered this season with their Halo Top milkshakes that stand out from all other sweet summer drinks, and not only because you can also get yourself a foot-long while you’re at it.  

Subway has teamed up with Halo Top Creamery to bring their customers with the best ice cream collaboration they’ve ever seen. As of July 22nd, all Subway locations across the nation will be serving these epic milkshakes in three different exciting varieties – including a ‘’sweet and refreshing Strawberry’ a ‘’rich and creamy Chocolate’’ and ‘’timeless Vanilla Bean’’. 

Sounds like each flavor has got its dose of nostalgia, and that you really can’t go wrong whichever way you go. Also you’ll be overjoyed to know that since it’s made with Halo Top ice cream, the calorie count isn’t as bad as you thought, and is filled with protein and calcium! 

Save us a spot in line! 

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