Sugarfina’s New Collection Celebrates Barbie’s 60th Anniversary
Marc Gordon - February 25, 2019

Luxury candy company, Sugarfina, has teamed up with Barbie for a special treat! Sugarfina came out with a special line of candies celebrating Barbie’s most iconic careers. And, of course, the candy looks delicious!

Astronaut Barbie is being celebrated with a Cosmic Sours Small Candy Cube. Athlete Barbie is getting Gummy Kicks Small Candy Cube. Pilot Barbie is remembered with Candy Clouds Small Candy Cube. Firefighter Barbie gets Candy Pearls. News Anchor Barbie is remembered with Strawberry Sparkly Pops. Last but certainly not least, the original 1959 Barbie is being celebrated with a Birthday Cake Caramels Small Candy Cube.

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Barbie has long inspired children everywhere to be authentic, original, and imaginative. Co-founder and co-CEO at Sugarfina, Rosie O’Neill, said in a press release: “Barbie has always inspired me to dream big and pursue my career aspirations. From playing with Veterinarian Barbie as a little girl, to creating Computer Engineer Barbie and Architect Barbie during my career at Mattel, I have always viewed Barbie as a role model and a trailblazer. I’m so proud to have the opportunity to bring our two brands together to inspire girls everywhere, just as Barbie inspired me to pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.”

The most amazing part? 100 percent of the proceeds from the Sugarfina Barbie collection is being donated to StepUp, an organization dedicated to creating confident women and girls through supporting girls living in under-resourced communities. In honor of International Women’s Day and Barbie’s 60th anniversary, Sugarfina will be hosting events in California, Dallas, and New York on March 9.

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