Sunny D Gummies
Andrew Parker - February 9, 2018

Sunny D.  What a drink, what a drink it was. It was the ’90s drink straight from heaven. Sadly, it has lost its fame. Although it’s no longer an overly sweet orange drink, it’s now has been made even better! It comes in gummies! And it’s your lucky day because they are easily accessible.

Many junk food Instagram accounts have shared this new candy, making food junkies go nuts.   Each package comes with orange and strawberry flavors, just the drink we grew up sipping on (there was an Orange Strawberry flavor too).  Each candy is labeled with the Sunny D logo, making them a super nostalgic snack that will have you reminiscing over ever chew.

They are being sold at Walmart locations, as well as at the 99 Cent Store, according to candy Instagrammers.

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