Surf City Surf Dog Event Is Coming Up In Huntington Beach
Claire Miles - September 18, 2021

Mark your calendars and get ready for one of the cutest events of the year, because Huntington Beach’s annual surf dog competition is fastly approaching. You may be wondering if such an event even exists and you couldn’t possibly imagine we are telling the truth. But this is not a drill. We repeat this is not a drill. On September 25, 2021, the annual event will take place in California where dogs will compete for 12 minutes to catch some top five waves. If this isn’t the most entertaining thing ever, we don’t know what is. What can be better than watching all kinds of dogs rip through some gnarly waves? I mean, count us in.

Getty Images/AFP/Mark Ralston

The coolest thing about this event is that it’s free to attend and watch all the cute doggos do their thing on their surfboards. The dogs taking place in the vent will be judged by local celebrities, and they will be judged on their level of confidence, how long they ride, and their overall performance. Besides dog surfing, there will also be plenty of other activities such as pet adoptions, areas for dogs to play, and food trucks. There’s literally something for everybody and we can’t imagine anyone getting bored at this place. If we are being honest, we could easily stay there for hours and be content.

All kinds of dogs are welcomed, from big dogs to small dogs, to everything in between. Surf dog events started back in 2006 with the Imperial Beach Surf Dog, which was the original competition of dog surfing. Huntington Beach’s Surf City Competition was added in 2008 and grew in popularity like crazy. You have to truly see it to believe it. These are some of the most talented four-legged surfers out there! A past competitor’s owner, Alecia Nelson said, “It’s a joy to have with your dog, you know, and I think many people will relate to that because I was a competitive person myself in sports. So, I wanted to do something with the dog, and that’s where we get our relationship.” She’s totally right. This is such a great opportunity to connect with your pup in such a PAWsome way. So get out there and start training your dogs!

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