Taco Bell’s Orange Cream Pop Freeze
Marc Gordon - January 17, 2019

If you wondering how 2019 was going to go for, you can already be assured that this year is seriously promising, and that’s because Taco Bell’s Orange Cream Pop Freeze is back! But only for a limited time, so act quick.  But not too quick of course because we wouldn’t want you getting a brain freeze.

After a too long break, the Mexican fast food joint has decided to bring us back our favorite sweet treat, and we’re all jumping of joy.  If you remember correctly,  it tastes like a heavenly combination of orange cream and vanilla ice cream mixed together, and it reminds us of those Orange Cream Push Pops we ate growing up.

Basically, every sip is filled with major nostalgia, and although they’ve got two sizes, we’re all about going big, or going home.  We’ll take a large please.

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