Target’s Fanny Pack Coolers
Claire Miles - May 22, 2020

Summer is right around the corner, and we really couldn’t be more excited after all those long winter months.  And thanks to Target, you can now enjoy the sunshine more than ever, staying both super stylish and cute, as well as hydrated (because what else do you really need in summer?). They’ve not only brought the nostalgic fanny pack back (or at least contributed to it), but they’ve also added a new twist to them – adding a cooler to these pouches! It really doesn’t get more epic than these all-new fanny pack coolers, and they are also super Instagram worthy. You won’t want to miss out. 

What’s even more exciting, however, is the fact that they cost less than $10, making them an affordable accessory to easily step up your game this summer.  Fanny packs have recently become more popular since they are small and convenient – allowing you to take your precious items with you and keep them safe without having to carry about a large annoying bag and hold it tightly, and are especially useful in the summertime when attending festivals, barbeques or pool parties.   But on top of all these advantages as well as the fact that it’s seriously in right now – once you add a cooler to these fanny packs, you’ve got yourself the ultimate summer staple.

The new line of fanny pack coolers by Target is known as the Sun Squad are come in fun summery prints such as palm trees and pineapples, and are the best way to keep your drinks cool on a hot day, and can either be delivered or purchased from any Target store (just make sure you follow the lockdown regulations). And if you’re less into the idea of carrying your drink on your waist? Well, Target still has you covered with some more conventional coolers that are also affordable and in style right now, that come in ultra-retro colors such as hot pink and neon yellow and appear to be a picnic basket! These will put you back $35.99 but are surely worth the investment. 

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