Taylor Lautner Proves He’s Pretty Much Always Had A Six-Pack
Alexandra Wade - February 19, 2018

So we really need to discuss Taylor Lautner’s stomach muscles right about now.  But, like really.  His abs are like sizzling beach circa 1999.   The 26 year old talented actor posted a throwback picture on Instagram of his child self with some serious abs that have got us all going mad bananas.

The picture at first sight seems pretty standard, but if you take a second look, you”ll notice that his body is shockingly impressive, especially for someone so young. Taylor’s got no shame in showing off his #summerbod as the tiny stud he was.

Either he’s completely fooled us all with some impressive Photoshop skills, or he’s basically had the most insane abs for his entire life? Can one really be born this way? Either way, we need his contact info.

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