Taylor Swift Addressed the “Famous” Call Video Leak With Some Very Strategic Tumblr Likes
Andrew Parker - March 25, 2020

So here we are in 2020 still talking about the Taylor Swift/Kanye West feud from 2016. It’s been reignited and things are really heating up. Yesterday new footage leaked of the infamous call between the two stars in which Kanye told her about his new song “Famous.” After the song came out, Taylor Swift was upset that it included a rather rude lyric about her. But Kim Kardashian and Kanye claimed that she had been told about the specific line during that phone call and the Taylor just just “playing the victim again.” A lot of people took it to mean that Taylor Swift was lying.

However, the new footage of the calls shows that the leaked video back then was just a part of the call that only discussed a totally different lyric than the one actually released. So that leaked video back in 2016 did not prove that Taylor approved of the song as a whole/the specifically rude lyric about her.

So far Kim and Kanye have remained quiet over this development, but Swifties are totally dragging Kim on Instagram. Swift’s army of followers says that this new video proves Kim and Kanye were lying the whole time, not Taylor. Though Taylor hasn’t made a statement about the situation, she did like some Tumblr posts.

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