Taylor Swift’s New Album Theory Have Fans Hyped For A Big Announcement
Claire Miles - February 26, 2019

Devoted Taylor Swift fans have been in a frenzy recently. The mega-superstar has been posting cryptic messages and photos on social media recently and Swiftie’s have a whole bunch of theories why. Fans think that Taylor Swift’s seventh album announcement is coming. Here are some of the theories from top-notch fans-turned-detective. Try to keep up!

On February 24, Taylor posted a photo of palm trees. Clearly, to those in the know, these aren’t just any old palm trees. The two on the left represent her country albums, the two on the right are her pop albums, and the biggest tree in the center must represent TS7. Even more, palm trees have been mentioned throughout Swift’s whole Reputation era.

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She just read all the theories ????

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Fans didn’t stop connecting the dots there. Someone did their research and discovered that the palm branch represents “eternal life” according to Wikipedia. Swift’s Versace dress that she wore to the 2018 Billboard Awards had “eternal” stitched into the beading. The connections don’t stop there. In the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video, one version of Swift is wearing a shirt with palm trees on it. And her fan base has even theorized that the number of stars in the background of the palm tree photo is connected to her album release date will be in April.

And to top it all off, Taylor Swift might be collaborating with Katy Perry. Everyone knows that the two superstars have been feuding for the past few years. Fans have theorized the collaboration since January when Perry posted a photo posing in front of palm trees. And she recently posed with a flamingo, which is another hidden symbol for Swift.

Clearly, something big is happening in the Swift universe. Until the big release date drops, we’ll be over here jamming out to “Shake It Off.”

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