Tessa Bailey Books
Rachel Jones - May 17, 2023

Tessa Bailey is an amazing writer with incredible skills to reach the heart of the reader. She writes stories with swoon worthy romance which makes standards for men very high. Her passion for writing books which makes us laugh can be seen with her dedication to provide the best quality stories to her viewers. Her book ‘Fix her up’ is a story about a woman who runs up her own business but is tired of her family not treating like an adult because of her single status. She gets into a fake relationship with a well- known player who wants to change his image. The story shows how their fake relationship changes into a real relationship over time. Real emotions get in the way as they fight the attraction between them.

Tessa’s book ‘It happened One summer’ is about Piper who is a top influencer from the city but is grounded by her stepfather to the seaside where she meets the serious captain. It was supposed to be a one time thing with the caption Brendan but when he helps her discover herself, she feels like falling for the caption. But she has her future in the city and staying with Brendan means leaving all that behind. The second book follows the story of Piper’s sister Hannah who is totally different from her sister and has a passion for music. She is always at the corner with her headphones in and thinks that she is invisible to the world but she is wrong. Brendan’s best friend Sander is always looking out for her but claims to be only a friend. They both don’t want to admit their feelings to each other, but the sparks are noticeable by everyone. What will happen when Hannah has to move away, will Sander still suppress his feelings?

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