The ’90s Were The Sweetest Decade
Claire Miles - October 11, 2018

Sometimes, all we want is just to go back to the good old days when our biggest worry was to feed our beloved electronic pet Tamagotchi, to when the Fresh Prince was the king, and to when candy was sour, sweet, and simple.


We’ve got endless reasons to be proud to be ’90s children, but the sweetest without a doubt was to be found in the candy aisle (and hidden in our night table drawer).  First off, let’s talk about the fact that we had Hubba Bubba Tape, that completely took America by storm and was the first novelty tape.


Then there were Warheads, which offered both an epic shock factor and an unbeatable tangy.  We also had the legendary Pixy Stix, which adults never seemed to understand, but we were sure pleased with our flavored sugar packs.


When it comes to Nerds, we’re not sure even today how they got their name, but nonetheless, it never stopped us from chugging them down.  Airheads also stole our hearts with legendary flavors such as cherry, watermelon and soul apple. Although we all know that White Mystery was always number one.


Despite being too young to get engaged, we always had Ring Pops there for us to help us at least dream.


Basically, there’s no debate here – the ’90s were unarguably the sweetest decade of all time.



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