The Babysitters Club Is Coming Out With A New TV Show
Laura Lee - May 29, 2018

The one and only book series that managed to get us hooked as young children was The Baby-Sitters Club.  Somehow, a series of books about a job that no one actually wants, became highly popular. They managed to portray babysitting as a fun activity, rather than what it’s really like.

They did get paid, but still, it’s not the most glamorous of past times. Nonetheless, we all wanted to create our own Baby-Sitters Club. The series was great and the movie was even better. And guess what? It’s not over! They are coming back and this time for a TV series!

The show is still in it’s early development stages and everyone taking part is thrilled and excited to be working on this special project.  It was in fact attempted back in the 90s to make a show based on the books, but only 13 episodes succeed until they stopped airing the show.

The world has obviously changed a great deal since the series first came out, but the one thing that will always remain, parents will still need babysitters.  The show is a great way to show children that it’s a cool job to have, although the show will of course need to be modernized, at least a bit.

Fans are ecstatic and have taken it the perfect time to re-watch the old series.  All of the characters from the original books are intended to appear and it’s goal is to be a family-friendly series.

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