The Backstreet Boys 25th Anniversary Photo
Claire Miles - April 23, 2018

An entire twenty five years ago, a quarter of a century ago, something incredible happened that changed the world for the better.  On April 20th, 1993, The Backstreet Boys became an official group.   From then on, music and adorable boy bands were never the same.

In honor of their 25th anniversary, they posted the most incredible throwback picture, together with a completely heartfelt message to all of their fans who have shown them so much love and support for so many years.  It’s bound to make your nostalgia skip a few beats.

Yep, you got that right. The boy band has been rocking it for an entire twenty five years, almost three decades. Time really does fly.  They performed together for the very first time on May 8th, 1993, and it was a historic and unforgettable show.

Before they became famous, they would perform anywhere they could, at high schools, or in the woods. Anyone that was willing to listen to them and give them new experiences, they were up for.  What led them to fame was signing with Johnny Wright, who would send footage of them performing at schools to record companies.  The event that got them signed was a Mothers Against Drunk Driving event.

The rest, they say – ain’t nothing but a heartache and a mistake.

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