The Backstreet Boys New Song
Claire Miles - November 12, 2018

The Backstreet Boys are without a doubt one of biggest, most popular bands of the ’90s, and possibly for the past few decades too. After getting started in the ’90s, they’ve succeeded to come a very long way,  and unlike many other bands – actually stay together.

They never actually broke up, so they never needed a reunion (pretending that the whole Kevin drama never took place of course).  Either way, they’ve been gracing us with their talent for an impressive 25 years already, and have no plans in the near future to stop.

So once again, we’ve been blessed by the Backstreet Boys with a brand new song.  It’s called ”Chances” and it will bring you right back the good old days of the ’90s. It’s got that classic feel, and no shortage of aspects from their old hits.

Brian starts it off with tons of emotion of his face. Nick then shows up looking all cool. The boys all then come together in a seriously dramatic formation while Nick sings the chorus. Typically, and epically, the Backstreet Boys.

What’s even more exciting however though, its that the boys have announced that they will be going on a 2019 world tour!

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