The Beauty Trend of the Year: Facial Cupping
Alexandra Wade - November 16, 2021

You probably already heard about the practice of ‘facial cupping,’ the latest skincare trend sweeping TikTok. This ancient technique of cupping has been used in medicine for decades and has recently spread worldwide for its use to relieve all types of pains and problems. Cupping can be used all over your body, but when used for your face, the beauty treatment has a rejuvenating effect on the skin that celebrities and professional estheticians have been going crazy over.

Getty Images/EyeEm/Dzastina Sisina

Facial cupping involves using a set of glass, sometimes plastic, cups, that are used to massage your skin with small circular motions, to stimulate your skin and muscles. The procedure is done with skincare oils and serums to create suction without damaging the skin. Effects of facial cupping have been said to help ease muscles in the face, decrease puffiness, enhance your features, brighten the skin, and more. Magic? Well no, there is actually a scientific explanation for how all of this works. Cupping stimulates collagen production, and new oxygen-rich blood circulation, which helps strengthen the skin and all of the connective tissues. Circulation is the key to healthy skin, helping smoothen the skin and reduce wrinkles and acne.

Some people get their procedure done with a professional by booking an appointment, but cosmetic companies also offer facial cupping sets for purchase with instructions for at-home use for those who make cupping a part of their beauty regime. If you have been looking for an alternative facial treatment, with no skin popping, needles, or lasers, it may be time to hop on the cupping trend. Both appointments and cupping kits are generally affordable, so it won’t take too much out of your wallet. If done correctly, or with a specialist, facial cupping can be a great addition to your skincare routine.

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