The Best ’90s TV Show Little-Known Facts Every ’90s Kid Should Know
Laura Lee - June 8, 2019

America has been in its golden age of television since the 1990s. The ’90s brought viewers instant classics like Friends and Saved by the Bell. You love them, you most definitely have binge-watched them, but how well do you actually know your favorite ’90s tv shows? You might be surprised to find out some of these interesting, little-known factoids. Take a look behind the scenes for yourself!






Ever since Friends first aired in 1994 and we all complained that no one ever told us life was going to be this way, the tv series became a staple in our pop-culture lives. In season one, each cast member was making $22,000 per episode. As the series went on, each actor was making a different salary. True ‘Friends’ style, they teamed up to negotiate equal pay. Each actor was earning $1 million per episode by the time they filmed the final season. 








Kramer’s eccentricity made him widely loved by fans of the show Seinfeld. The show was filmed in front of a live audience and each time Kramer would walk out on stage the watchers clapped on for long stretches of time. His entrance applause grew with his popularity so much that the other cast members complained it was interrupting the pacing of their scenes. The directors then took measures to decrease the audience’s applause.






Behind-the-scenes of 90210 was at times just as dramatic as the characters the actors played. There was a lot of tension among the actors about the different salaries each was earning. Tori Spelling found out she was earning less than co-stars Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty. Spelling requested an increase of $20,000 to match the others, and when her request was denied she left the show.








When fans think of Baywatch, they usually think of a gorgeous woman in a red, high-cut bathing suit running on the beach in slow motion. Baywatch’s visual slow-motion trademark came about from budgetary reasons. The idea was inspired by footage of the 1988 SOlympiclpymic Games in which sprinters were caught at a slower frame. David Hasselhoff claimed that the shots were used because they were out of money and they found a way to fill the hour.



Grey’s Anatomy



Fans of Grey’s Anatomy remember the first episode very clearly and the bar that started it all. Meredith had a bit too much to drink at Joe’s Bar and discovers that the stranger she spent the night with is actually the head of the neurology department in the same hospital she is starting her internship. Joe’s Bar is a staple of the show, the designated hangout spot for the Grey Sloan Memorial staff. The actual bar where they filmed is the downstairs area of McMurphy’s Restaurant & Tavern.





That 70’s Show



“Hello, Wisconsin!” Fans of That ’70s Show might be surprised to learn that Mila Kunis lied about her age to get the role of Jackie Burkhart. There was an age requirement of 18 years old and Mila was only 14 at the time of her audition. She told the producers that she was going to be 18, but didn’t say when exactly. Later on co-star Ashton Kutcher expressed his awkwardness when he had to kiss her on the show. Kutcher was 19 years old and Kunis was just 14 years old! Her other firsts on the show included Wilmer Valderrama who taught her how to drive, and Danny Masterson who took her to her first club, got her first drink, and was her prom date.