The Best Books of 2019
Marc Gordon - May 2, 2019


By Shel Silverstein

Lester was given a magic wish
By the goblin who lives in the banyan tree,
And with his wish he wished for two more wishes-
So now instead of just one wish, he cleverly had three.
And with each one of these
He simply wished for three more wishes,
Which gave him three old wishes, plus nine new.
And with each of these twelve
He slyly wished for three more wishes,
Which added up to forty-six -- or is it fifty-two?
Well anyway, he used each wish
To wish for wishes 'til he had
Five billion, seven million, eighteen thousand thirty-four.
And then he spread them on the ground
And clapped his hands and danced around
And skipped and sang, and then sat down
And wished for more.
And more...and more...they multiplied
While other people smiled and cried
And loved and reached and touched and felt.
Lester sat amid his wealth
Stacked mountain-high like stacks of gold,
Sat and counted -- and grew old.
And then one Thursday night they found him
Dead -- with his wishes piled around him.
And they counted the lot and found that not
A single one was missing.
All shiny and new -- here, take a few
And think of Lester as you do.
In a world of apples and kisses and shoes
He wasted his wishes on wishing.
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There are so many good books out there that not even Netflix can compete. We all are inundated with social media. Television shows, the news, viral YouTube videos, the endless catalog of memes to laugh at. It’s a relentless stream of technology. Maybe it’s occurred to you to disconnect for a time. Our suggestion: read a book! Here’s a list of 2019 releases that are worth your time. And if you really need your social media fix, no worries, some of these covers are so artsy they’re just calling to be Instagrammed.


An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen


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A suspense novel that follows Jessica Ferris and her participation in a study on ethics. The premise is simply to answer a few questions for some quick cash. But Dr. Lydia Shields’s questions take a more sinister turn leaving Jess paranoid. Definitely a perfect book for those looking for a good thriller. 

The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh


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Margaret Atwood, the author of The Handmaid’s Tale, called the book, “A gripping, sinister fable!” It’s a dystopian fantasy about three sisters raised on an isolated island fearing men. Sisters Grace, Lia, and Sky, live on the island with just their mother and father, whom they call King. One day he disappears and their whole lives are turned upside down. 

The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker

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It begins with just one girl who falls asleep and doesn’t wake up. Soon another girl falls asleep and another. The victims are stuck in a dream state all while doctors try to wake them.

Maid by Stephanie Land


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