The Best Of The Worst High School Yearbook Photos
Claire Miles - July 1, 2019

High school can be a tough time. We’re all trying to fit in, find our group of friends, and make a name for ourselves.  It can be hard to get noticed in a large school, and sometimes we feel the need to do some crazy things to be somebody.  Or in some cases, we were just born super awkward and there’s nothing that can be done… 



 Captured Not Only On Camera



Generally, in yearbook photoshoots, we are captured by the camera, and nothing more. This girl, however, somehow got captured by something else before she even made it to school that day.





Coming Of Age



Finishing high school is the sign of entering a new stage, and a coming of age milestone.  Perhaps, however, this is not exactly what this little guy had in mind when he chose this shirt for picture day. 



Seductive Spiderman



Somehow, this girl got Spiderman in her yearbook picture, and the picture was leaked. The two lovers don’t seem to care about anything else in the world.





Bring Your Blow



Sometimes, your school will tell you to bring your favorite item for the photoshoot to show some personality. This is what this guy chose to bring, and we’re not quite sure what to think of him, other than what the heck.



Satisfied Sleeper



Some of us have slept our way through our high school days, managing to just barely make it through. This guy sure has, and he did it in the most comfortable, and obvious way possible.