The Best Part Of Gym Class In The ’90s
Laura Lee - May 7, 2018

Any and every ’90s kid will surely remember their gym class experiences.  Sometimes it was boring, sometimes it was hard, sometimes it was the best way to release our energy, sometimes we played sick to get out of it, and sometimes we despised our super sporty friends.  But the one part of gym class that we never wanted to miss was the rainbow parachute.


The rainbow parachute was a completely magical experience that we waited for all year long.  It gave us the motivation to be good students in gym class to be granted with a class, or even just a few minutes under the parachute.


It didn’t matter how we felt, we were always up for the parachute. We could sit there and do nothing, letting the other kids do the tough work of lifting the parachute, or we could jump up and down and go crazy in the parachute.


The fact that we all had our very own handle made us all feel like we were apart of something bigger, and were seriously contributing to the cause.  Although it may not really have been the best kind of exercise, it sure kept us entertained and prevented us from complaining. It was a win-win situation for us and our teachers.



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