The Blockbuster Party Game
Laura Lee - August 10, 2019

Remember running up and down the aisles of Blockbuster every Friday night with your siblings? Searching for the best VHS based on what the cover looked like? Then begging your parents for as much candy as possible while at the cash? Yeah, it was completely epic.

Those were the days, those were the days….

Well, you’re surely feeling all nostalgic now thinking about those childhood memories, especially since Blockbuster is long gone (if you weren’t already aware, they went bankrupt back in 2010). Thankfully though, there’s a new Blockbuster board game, and you’re going to want to know everything about it. 

It’s the perfect game for any party, and is available for purchase at any Target store across the U.S, or online. It’s also available at the one remaining Blockbuster location in Oregon, but chances are you won’t make it there any time soon. 

The game itself is pretty simple and straightforward – just open the VHS shaped box, set up your Blockbuster parking lot and divide yourselves up into two seperate teams. The game will begin with a buzzer battle where the opposing teams compete in a movie naming contest based on a specific category. 

The next part of the game is the Triple Charades Jeopardy. Both teams have to guess movie titles and collect movie cards as they go. The team with a card for all movie genres wins (there are eight of them). 

Let’s relive those memories! 

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