The Carmen Sandiego Animated Series
Claire Miles - January 5, 2019

You are surely asking yourself, ”Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?”. Well, as of January 18th,  she will easily found in your Netflix selection.  A trailer for the new animated series of Carmen Sandiego made it to the internet, and it was completely epic…

One of the most legendary and beloved computer games of the well dressed and well traveled crook is headed back to the small screen, and we’re totally overjoyed.  Carmen Sandiego will be played by Gina Rodriguez, and her sidekick, Player will be played by the voice of Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things. 

Even if you are too young to remember what using floppy disks was like, the trailer has got you covered.  It will be a 20 episode animated show, and it will answer all the unanswered questions of how Carmen pulled off all of her crimes.

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