The Complete List of Seinfeldisms
Claire Miles - March 8, 2018

The Thursday night prime-time NBC sitcom about ‘nothing’ sure gave us a lot of somethings. Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer (and a few other wackos along the way) provided us with some essential vocabulary that was otherwise missing from modern US culture. Here’s some of the best…

Nexus of the Universe

Kramer’s definition of 1st and 1st, the street that intersects with itself.


Someone who is prejudice against those in the dental hygiene profession.

Close Talker

When a person invades another’s personal space while conversing, they are considered to be a close talker.


You take a chip, insert it into dip, take a bite, and dip again.


A holiday observed by George’s family growing up in response to Christmas becoming too commercialized. It is celebrated on December 23 with a variety of unique traditions.

High Talker

Someone who has an unusually high-pitched voice.

The Vault

A metaphorical locked room in which secrets are stored and kept safe (unless someone breaks out the shnaps).

Low Talker

Someone who speaks at an unusually low volume, almost to the point that they are inaudible.

Man Hands

Referring to a female who has unusually masculine hands.


Someone receives a gift and then proceeds to give that gift to someone else as a gift with the implication that the gift is original.


It’s what happens when a man has been in the pool.

The Jimmy Legs

One who has spastic and uncontrolled leg movements, especially whilst sleeping.

“Yada Yada Yada”

Skipping over parts of a story to get to the more interesting parts (relative).

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