The Fresh Prince Is Coming Back, Maybe
Marc Gordon - January 13, 2018

Jazzy Jeff, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor has revealed some seriously exciting news.  Apparently, there has been talks that the classic TV show will be brought back.  This is a beautiful day for ’90s kids.  Well, maybe. We can only hope so.


The DJ’s real name is Jeffrey Allen Townes, and in a recent interview he confirmed the rumors that a comeback is being discussed, and fans could not be more excited.  The cast recently met up for a 20th anniversary reunion and posted a photo on Instagram, which caused a great deal of speculation for what was to come for the group.


Jeff explains that since Will is one of Hollywood’s biggest actors, the real challenge is to coordinate with his busy schedule.  But Will keeps talking about it and his heart is still without a doubt in it.  Over 20 years have passed since an episode of the show was filmed, after ending in 1995 after a wonderful six seasons.



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