The Funky Chicken Who Wanders The Streets Of Brooklyn
Marc Gordon - January 2, 2019

Brooklyn is known generally to people living outside of New York to be the hipster child of Manhattan, and after reading about their very own chicken, it isn’t hard to argue the point. Just before Christmas, Molly Sandley, a political organizer, tweeted about the odd sight she saw wandering the street outside a restaurant in Park Slope.



“It was trying to roost on top of their inflatable Santa, which kept collapsing under its weight,” Sandley wrote in an email to HuffPost. Sandley also said that the chicken is in fact a rooster who she has now named Elizabeth Warr-hen. The rooster appeared to be “very cold and very hungry, but basically healthy.”


It isn’t very uncommon to see some pretty strange things roaming about Brooklyn, but the chicken looked like he needed some help.


“We were out doing laundry, so had a blanket with us; we wrapped the chicken in it, found a cardboard box, and carried it home,” said Sandley, who added that they put the rooster in a “bathroom with some food and water” and that “he’s still there now.”


Sandley tried to find out who the “very socialized and non-aggressive” chicken belongs to. She set up an email address ( and put up some signs.


“We got a few leads, including that someone had seen him trying to get into a firehouse on the block early yesterday morning,” she told HuffPost.



“Dozens of strangers have offered to help, to take him in,” said Sandley, but, unfortunately, New York City law indicates that while it’s legal to raise hens (female chickens), roosters (male chickens) are verboten. That is why Elizabeth Warr-hen is going to “go live with a friend in Vermont,” Sandley said.


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