The Glorious Pizza Hut Experience
Laura Lee - September 5, 2018

Pizza Hut was so much more than just a restaurant.  It was a magical place that only existed on special occasions.  Today, unfortunately, it’s no longer seen as a big deal to grab dinner at Pizza Hut, and some people even forget about its existence. But those of us that were lucky enough to grow up in the ’90s know the true meaning of Pizza Hut…

Although there are many locations, Pizza Hut has got this general look that’s always the same no matter where the restaurant is located. The classic red booth, the checkerboard tables, and the iconic brick walls.  It just feels like home, and so, so right.

If you lived closed by and your parents were good to you, then chances are that you got to get take away sometimes, which could brighten up the darkest of days, and if you managed to make it through dinner without finishing the entire box, you were left with epic cold leftovers for the next day. It was the most beautiful thing your fridge has ever seen.

We’ve also got to give it up for all the legendary pizza innovations, such as stuffed crust and the ‘insider pizza’.   And how could we forget their ice cream bar?

Those were the days.

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