The Goop Lab And The Healing Powers Of Ice Water Baths
Marc Gordon - January 25, 2020

Actress and health guru entrepaneur Gwyenth Paltrow’s company Goop has taken over the health and wellness industry. And now with its very own Netflix series, people are obviously talking all about Goop. The Goop Lab is officially on the streaming platform just waiting to be binged. If you watch all six episodes you will find out about some interesting facts and tidbits including the ice water bath.

Episode two of the Goop Lab addresses the healing powers of ice water baths. Win Hof, aka the Iceman, is a big advocate of ice water baths. “Cold water is a great way to learn to deal with stress,” Hof said. “If you learn how to breathe deep, you can go into the cold water and adapt. And with that, you become the alchemist of life itself.”

Hof is known for the Wim Hof Method, which involves three pillars: (1) cold therapy (hence the chilly baths), (2) breathing, and (3) commitment. Hof says his program results in health benefits. The polar plunges and deep breathing techniques will balance your hormone levels, boost energy, reduce stress, strengthen your immune response, and more.

According to the Iceman’s website, the human body is naturally able “to adapt to extreme temperature and survive within our natural environment.” But because we sit around in temperature-controlled environments most of the time, we start to lose some of our “inner power.” His three-pronged approach is meant to help us tap back into it.

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