The Hannah Montana Auction
Claire Miles - April 26, 2020

All Hannah Montana fans out there, please prepare yourself, but most importantly, your wallets. Or better yet, your entire life savings! Don’t have a heart attack just yet, we promise you it will be worth every penny. Believe it or not, some iconic and original merchandise from the Hannah Montana show will be making its way to New York City this upcoming May – and it will be available for purchase by auction. Which yes, it does mean that only the highest bidder will be able to get their hands on these gems. 


While that may not necessarily be you, that’s fine, it won’t be most of us either. But regardless, we can all still get excited as the thought of it, right? Some of the items that will be auctioned off included Hannah’s costumes and even those from her Best of Both Worlds tours!  One of the outfits up for sale even includes a satin jacket, tube socks, and a plaid skirt. Once again – we would just like to, unfortunately, remind you that these items aren’t going to come with a cheap price tag, likely to be sold for anywhere between $3000-$5000. Sorry folks, there are however a few more affordable items available. 

According to reports, however, all items start at least $300, but if you’re a real die-hard fan of Hannah Montana, then perhaps that’s worth the investment for you! What may be seen as garbage by a star is likely to be seen as a golden treasure by a fan, such as a handwritten note that Miley wrote while getting her driver’s license.  What you see as worthy is surely worthy. And what’s even more exciting about this Hannah Montana auction, other than the fact that it’s a legendary way to honor this childhood favorite show, is that all the profits will go to helping animals through the Wilder Minds charity. Take our money right now, please. 

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