The Hello Kitty Cafe
Laura Lee - October 24, 2018

Attention all Hello Kitty lovers! The first Hello Kitty Grande Café is opening in America, in California, and it’s a 90s girls dream come true.  Upon taking your first glance into the café, you will immediately fall in love, especially since there’s a mouthwatering smell of the warm donuts being fried up.

The shop is filled with tons of other Hello Kitty goodies, cookies, strawberry-mint Hello Kitty lemonade and no shortage of souvenirs to make sure this experience stays with you forever.

The real treat however? The bow room, which is a private dining room that offers cocktails and afternoon tea in the most adorable Hello Kitty way possible.   The tea cart comes in the shape of Hello Kitty’s head, and the cocktails come in mugs shaped just like everything else in the café, Hello Kitty.

Even the bathroom is out of the world and offers a level of cuteness that nothing else can live up to.

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