The Hottest Shoes of the Summer Are Sustainable
Claire Miles - July 26, 2020

The hottest shoes of the summer is none other than a pair of sustainable sneakers! And they are so hot that they can’t stay in stock for longer than a few days at a time! The popular eco-friendly sneaker is back, thankfully. Cariuma’s best-selling OCA Low sneaker is so popular that it’s got a pretty long waitlist. The comfortable low-top sneaker is made from sustainably sourced cotton canvas and has amassed a waitlist of more than 8,000 people prior to its restock in spring 2020. But those waiting have some good news: five new colors of the top-rated sneaker are officially available for pre-order! Expected shipment dates in mid-August. These sneakers are part of Cariuma’s long-time partnership with Pantone.

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Pantone is an expert on color so you have a wide range of options available to you. The offerings: Snow White, Moonless Night, Picante,  Blueprint, and El Capitan. So everything from white to fiery red, blue, and gray. The OCA Low sneakers are so popular that they received more than 3,000 five-star reviews! The kicks include a signature streamlined silhouette, a comfortable canvas upper material, an innovative, lightweight cushion technology, and 100% slip-resistant rubber sole. The sustainable Cariuma sneakers are retailed at $89 and are sure to last you a long time.

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