The Impact of TV Shows
Claire Miles - August 26, 2022

Watching TV shows is one of the favorite hobbies of most people. After a tiring day at work or university, people tend to look forward to watching that one episode of their favorite TV show. Most of us think that watching shows is just a pastime activity, without taking into consideration the impact it has on our lives. TV shows become a part of our lives in various ways.

Getty Images/EyeEm/Ekaterina Kuzovkova/EyeEm

Watching shows helps to reduce stress. When we are watching a show, we tend to forget about all our problems for the time being and we completely get involved in the lives of the characters in the show. Even though one should not ignore the problems in their life by consecutively watching shows, there is nothing wrong with watching comfort shows to feel good about yourself. People need to check on themselves and ensure that they are not addicted to shows because that can lead to people ignoring their real-life relationships, and spending all their time watching shows.

Watching shows gives us exposure and helps to learn about different cultures and communities. Through shows, people get insights into how the life of those who live thousands of miles away from them operates. Moreover, historical dramas familiarize us with the way energy used to be in the past. It communicates the details of how people used to spend their lives in the past, and how it used to be very different from how life is now. Some TV shows are also based on actual events which help to give us a better understanding of how the world around us operates in different ways. Informative TV shows help to increase the knowledge of their viewers. Even though most of us watch shows as a pastime activity, it is important to realize how shows add value to our lives.

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