The Jerry Springer Show Is Ending
Marc Gordon - July 6, 2018

After an epic 4,000 episodes, 27 seasons and too many fights to count, the legendary and beloved Jerry Springer Show is coming to a heartbreaking end.  Yes, you got that right, we will never hear the crowd screaming his name as chairs are thrown on stage.

The show was the train-wreck of all train-wrecks and we were all crazy in love with it.  Nowhere else would we be able to see a man marrying a horse, especially since it’s not even legal.  It was also the only place where we could watch such entertaining stories of cheating spouses and long lost family members. No matter what the episode was about, it always ended in an exciting fight.

The Jerry Springer Show taught us vital life phrases, such as Talk To The Hand, and it helped the show gain it’s popularity with everyone in the 90s saying it non-stop. Springer quickly learned that having food on stage was never a good idea, with regular food fights.

Every week there was a new wacky person to meet, and we will always remember them. Even if you don’t remember their exact story, their hilariously unique names will surely always stick.

Thank you Jerry, for all of those years you kept us so entertained. We will miss you.

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