The Lisa Frank Casetify Collection
Claire Miles - September 12, 2019

‘90s kids – it’s time to rejoice and redecorate.  Now you’ve been given the chance to dress up your laptops and smartphones (and much more) with some of Lisa Frank’s most iconic designs from your most beloved decade. 

Introducing the all new Lisa Frank x CASETiFy collection with rainbow and neon patterns, characters and animals.  All the exciting patterns from back in the day are now coming back, but not in school supply form, no more folders and pencil cases – but in modern day tech form. 

CASEtiFy started out with a cute gimmick when they first started back in 2011 – allowing people the option of turning their favorite Instagram  photos in phone cases. The company gradually evolved into one that offered everything personalized with a variety of exciting collabs.

It really was only a matter of time until they teamed up with Lisa Frank – who both share the same values on self expression. We’re also seriously surprised that Lisa Frank has managed to stay around for so long, and today has become a real staple of nostalgia for millenials. 

The designs come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and forms, and there’s really something for everyone here with over fifty items in the new collection. 

It’s the best way to bring some epic ‘90s color back into your life! 

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