The Live Action Barney Movie
Laura Lee - December 14, 2019

We all remember the big purple dinosaur that graced us with his presence throughout the ‘90s until 2009, dancing around, singing and teaching us about friendship. Whether you loved, hated or just didn’t care for him, there’s no doubt about it that Barney the big purple dinosaur was completely iconic. 

Now, a decade later, he’s coming back, but in a whole new way that we would never have expected, and it’s actually kind of strange: A live-action Barney movie. 

If you’re uncomfortable by this, that’s perfectly fine, and if you’re feeling pumped up about the idea, we also won’t judge you. While the movie will surely evoke some nostalgia, some people did always find him to be kind of creepy.  

Not too much information has been released about the live-action re-make, other than what viewers may be able to expect, and that it will be produced by Daniel Kaluuya.  

According to Kaluyya, who also produced Black Panther, Barney is a childhood figure that disappeared, and that was left very misunderstood. The goal of the film is to see Barney as a modern-day hero and explore his message of ‘’I love you, you love me’’ even further. 


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