The Looney Tunes Are Making A Comeback
Laura Lee - June 17, 2018

We all knew that the Porky Pig was lying when he would say That’s All Folks.  We always knew that they would be more to come, it just meant that it was the end of the current episode (which was still upsetting of course).

We were so grateful and blessed that the Looney Tunes had us entertained for decades.  Regardless of who your favorite character was, they are coming back to TV all over again and it’s a complete dream come true.  Although it’s true that there’s been other Looney Tunes shows throughout the year, this one is going to feel just like the original one.

They are going right back to their roots, with short sketches where Bugs is sent off to a wacky place and gives Elmer a haircut.  According to Warner Brothers, the show will arrive in 2019 and the show ill have 1,000 minutes of shorts that will be broadcast across various platforms.

Although they want they animation to be similar to the old style, chances are that they will be using computers instead of hand drawing to be more efficient. As long as they look the same, then everything is great.

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