The Macarena Can Help Save Lives
Serena Carsley-Mann - June 3, 2018


By Shel Silverstein

My dad gave me one dollar bill
'Cause I'm his smartest son,
And I swapped it for two shiny quarters
'Cause two is more than one!

And then I took the quarters
And traded them to Lou
For three dimes -- I guess he didn't know
That three is more than two!

Just then, along came old blind Bates
And just 'cause he can't see
He gave me four nickels for my three dimes,
And four is more than three!

And then I took the nickels to Hiram Coombs
Down at the seed-feed store,
And the fool gave me five pennies for them,
And five is more than four!

And then I went and showed my dad,
And he got red in the cheeks
And closed his eyes and shook his head --
Too proud of me to speak!

The legendary Spanish dance ’90s hit song La Macarena released by Los del Rio in 1995, could be the secret to saving lives, according to experts.  It’s been revealed that it can be used to improve the quality of chest compression during CPR.

A study found that the pace of the song helped people keep a steady rhythm while carrying out the life saving procedure.  The rate as well as the depth of chest compression performed by 165 students on a dummy for the course of two minutes was observed as they sang the song in their heads.

Others were given a smartphone application that made a noise at 103 beats per minute, and another group was given. The study found that those in the Macarena group to be the first to start the compression, and be close to the recommended compression rate (between 100 and 120 beats per minute).