The Mean Girls Reunion
Marc Gordon - January 8, 2019

If fetch was ever going to happen, now is just the right time for it, because the pictures from epic Mean Girls reunion between Lindsay Lohan and Jonathon Bennett will take you back to 2004 in a heartbeat.

Remember the days when Cady Heron was telling Aaron Samuels that his hair looked sexy pushed back? Or the time when she wrote his name all over her class notebook? Lohan posted a picture of her Instagram account keeping things pretty simple, but she did use a hashtag from Mean Girls.  Bennett, however took nostalgia on in full force, writing “Aaron Samuels + Cady Heron forever, Reunited with my girl @lindsaylohan,” on the picture.

The reunion was held because Bennett will actually be hosting Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club: After the Show.  But for all of us that the saw the pictures, the only thing that really mattered was seeing these two together once again.

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