The Meaning Behind Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” Lyrics
Laura Lee - January 22, 2020

Lizzo has been nominated for tons of Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year. Lizzo’s songs have gained so much love and hype over the past year that it isn’t so much of a surprise that the artist is up for so many awards. “Truth Hurts” dominated the charts all through 2019. And if you dig even deeper into the lyrics, it’s a lot of drama.

Back in August 2019, Lizzo trademarked the phrase “100% that b***h,” causing anger after a 2017 tweet came out. @MinaLioness tweeted the original lyrics that Lizzo was trying to trademark. Clearly, there was a problem. Mina went to Twitter and accused Lizzo of ignoring her attempts to get credit.

And, interestingly enough, Mina also shared that the original inspiration for the lyrics came from Demi Lovato tweeting that she’s “1% African.”

Month laters, producer and songwriter Justin Raisen claimed he also deserved a percentage of Lizzo’s royalties and was “shut down every time.” Lizzo went on Instagram and posted that memes stemming from Mina’s tweet were the inspiration for her lyric. But the rest of the song was all her doing.

After that post, Mina went to Twitter to praise Lizzo.

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