The Moment You Realize Your Parents Are Cooler Than You
Brooke Klaiman - July 21, 2019

The second we came out of our mother’s womb, our parents instantly turned boring and responsible. As we fell into their laps, they had no other choice but to take their wild side and put it far in the past. Being that our parents have a few extra years than us, it seems as if they never had the ability to be fun, hip or near to cool but this accusation is so wrong. Before we existed, our parents were living their glory days to the extreme. Here are some pictures to prove just how our parents were super cool.


Pro Water Skier



Just when we thought we were athletic, our parents have yet to blow us away. We aren’t sure how this is possible but this five man ski pyramid just proves how this dad is clearly cooler than we will ever be.


Ridin’ In Style



Now of days, we usually see people riding off in limousines or vans as they leave their wedding ceremony. Well, back then these parents were riding off in style as they hopped on this motorcycle and went to celebrate there marriage.





This father truly knows how to show off. As he sits there mid-air with such grace, we are shocked he didn’t fall off. We sure know if we ever attempted this we would be on the floor in the span of seconds.


1975 Camaro



We thought our car was way cooler than our mother’s car, until we saw this picture. As much as us children want to believe our mothers destiny is to be hitting the town in a mini van, we are clearly¬†so wrong.


Navy Seal



Being in the Navy is one thing but training literal seals while in the navy is another. This father easily had the coolest day job we have ever seen. Making us heavily reconsider our everyday tasks.


Trend Setter



These parents are absurdly cool. As they are stylin in there trendy outfits we can’t help but wonder why we dress the way we do today. Trends back then are way cooler than they will ever be now.


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