The Most Nostalgic & Girly Stocking Stuffers
Claire Miles - December 15, 2018

All women who grew up in the ’90s know that there’s nothing better than looking back and remembering all the incredible music, fashion, toy sand games that made the decade so special.

Sadly, many of our favorite items have either been lost, thrown out, or sold at garage sales and have made it into the arms of someone very lucky. But with Christmas right around the corner, you surely started to think about what to get your sister, girlfriend, wife, or best friend.  Well, what better gift than one that screams ’90s girl nostalgia?

Especially since there are so many incredible ways to do it. From stick on earrings,  to ’90s coloring books,  nostalgic candy, gelly roll pens, scrunchies,  ’90s trivia games,  butterfly hair clips, polly pockets, disposable cameras, lip smackers, and so, so much more.

The internet is filled with nostalgic items that can be ordered on Amazon or Etsy to make your stocking stuffing process as special as can be!

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