The Nickelodeon Slime Recipe: Revealed
Andrew Parker - January 15, 2018

Anyone who grew up in the ’90s most likely has wondered at some point or another what’s in the famous green slime in the Nickelodeon show.  You might have even spent your entire summer break searching for the answer and trying to make it yourself at home. Well now we have the answer for you, and yes, you can try this at home.

Marc Summers, the Nickelodeon game show host revealed in an interview what’s really inside the green slime, a secret that been kept for years.  Summers explains how Slime has made a serious comeback lately, however all these online recipes have absolutely nothing to do with real slime.

The Nickelodeon slime started out with apple sauce, green food coloring, oatmeal and vanilla pudding.  Although it looks pretty radioactive, everything in it is completely edible.  The slime prank began in 1979 on a Canadian show You Can’t Do That On Television. If the show contestants didn’t know an answer they would be given the slime. It then made it’s way over to Double Dare presented by Summers, but really gained it’s fame from the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, sliming the most popular celebrities.

Here’s the interview:

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