The Perfect Nighttime Routine
Claire Miles - June 5, 2022

Research shows that almost half of the Americans feel extremely sleepy throughout the day and if you are one of them you have landed on the right page. Night routines are a series of steps that are repeated every night which ensure better sleep and therefore, better productivity throughout the day. Humans are the proverbial creatures of habit. Having a nighttime routine notifies the brain of the sleep schedule. Furthermore, a nighttime routine minimizes the chances of developing insomnia, which is induced by the inability of proper sleep. These routines activate the brain and the sympathetic nervous system to minimize the worrisome thoughts that abstain from taking a proper night’s sleep.

Getty Images/Westend61

Begin by setting a fixed bedtime. You can do so by setting an alarm. This will help your brain to naturally slow down and feel tired after the fixed time. Introduce your brain to journaling. Keep a notebook near your bed and write down all of your goals and achievements for the next day. This will again send an alarm to your brain that it’s time to end the day. Josh Watkin, a chess prodigy and expert in learning recommends journaling at night. He suggests this by explaining that “your unconscious mind can mull it over and you’ll have a fresh take to brainstorm in the morning.”

You can go a step forward and have lavender and chamomile tea while journaling. Furthermore, introduce your mind to a bedtime routine by reading your favorite book. Avoid books that belong to thrilling genres like suspense. Make sure to reduce your screen time as you approach your bedtime. These electronics emit blue light which inhibits melatonin production as your brain confuses it with daylight. Sticking to your night routine is a big challenge. Start small. Make your bedtime as simple as possible so that it’s easier for you to repeat the same steps every day.

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