The Perfect Reads for Every Mood
Claire Miles - March 7, 2023

We all know how the summer break can be extremely tiring and we all need something to do during them. The best way to deal with summer breaks is to try to indulge yourself into creative works such as book reading, learning new skills and try earning. There are multiple ways you can do that but this article will focus on the best books you should definitely read throughout your break.

It ends with us

This book is written by Colleen Hoover who is an excellent writer. In her book she tries touching topics which are known to be triggering. However, the way she describes love is beyond explanation. You will have to read the book to experience the attraction between a young doctor and a florist. The love sparks between us and gives us so much serotonin.

The unhoneymooners

The unhonneymooners is another book that ignites love between two characters. This book is written by Christina Lauren who inspects an enemies to lovers trope in the book. The book was extremely liked by people from all over the book and eventually became the no 1 best selling author in New York. The story revolves around two twins in which one of them is considered a lucky sibling while the other is unlucky in work, in her career and even in relationships.

The hating game

The hating game is another book that was so loved by the readers that the directors were forced to make a movie out of it. The story revolves around two co workers who are adamant in receiving “professional success” and begin a conspiracy against each other. The story further moves by giving a very cute perspective to enemies to lovers trope. The book is written by Sally Thorne who is known for her quirky book themes.

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