The Real End Of Drake & Josh
Marc Gordon - July 21, 2018

We never would have even imagined in our wildest dreams that Drake & Josh would come to an end, let alone cause us the most post-show frustration.

For starters, there was the time when Josh didn’t invite Drake to his wedding last year.  And now? You won’t be able to even find the house of their California home, because it’s been destroyed (together with our childhood).

The home, which was built in 1976 was sold was $1.55 million. Clearly the buyers were not told about how special this house was for fans across the globe, since they tore down the house to build their own new one.  Some people even blamed Megan, Drake’s little serious for the demolition of the house.  Who left her home alone!?

The show may be gone, but the brothers will forever be in our hearts, and it seems as though (despite rumors) that the two are still pretty friendly.

Nickelodeon hasn’t been completely demolished!

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