The Real Meaning Behind Taylor Swift’s New Song “Only the Young”
Andrew Parker - February 7, 2020

Happiness Is Fun

By Pauline Oliver

Happy is as happy does
When all is said and done
Truly being happy
Starts with having fun

Set those happiness endorphins free
To flood your stressed out brain
With lots of happy thoughts
To relax and ease the strain
Eat chocolate
And laugh-a-lot

Chew chilis hot and red
Wear bright colours instead

Keep a dog or a cat
Try yoga on a mat

Feel sunshine warm your being
Seek beauty for the seeing

Classical music wins by miles
Exchanging lots of smiles

That's how to raise your spirit
Lift your body and your mind
This daily dose of happiness
Is a pleasure - you will find.

Taylor Swift is no longer remaining silent about politics and she’s let that fact be perfectly clear in her new documentary Miss Americana. Swift has chosen to not share her views in the past because she felt like it wasn’t her place. But now she has changed and her brand-new song is her most outspoken song to date.


Why didn’t Taylor Swift talk about her political view before? “I don’t talk about politics because it might influence other people,” Taylor told Time Magazine in 2012. “And I don’t think that I know enough yet in life to be telling people who to vote for.”


“There were so many young people who rallied for their candidate, whether it was a senator or congressman or congresswoman,” Swift said in an interview with Variety. “It was hard to see so many people feel like they had canvassed and done everything and tried so hard. I saw a lot of young people’s hopes dashed.”


“I found that to be particularly tragic,” she added, “because young people are the people who feel the worst effects of gun violence and student loans and trying to figure out how to start their lives and how to pay their bills and climate change and are we going to war—all these horrific situations that we find ourselves facing right now.”


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