The Real Reason Why ‘Zoey 101’ Ended
Laura Lee - January 18, 2019

Jamie Lynn Spears,  the star herself, broke some big news to all of us. As it turns out, the real reason why Zoey 101, one of our favorite Nickelodeon programs came to an end in 2008 was actually not because she was pregnant, despite popular rumors that it was because the 16 year old star was pregnant with her daughter Maddie.

In fact, the show ended due to a really basic reason, sorry for the buzz kill. Spears shared the truth with the internet through some seriously clever hashtags. And to make a long story short, her contract was up with the show, and it’s far less scandalous then we all built up…

She also took it to social media to poke fun at herself, and how she was incredibly rebellious, dying her hair black before a Zoey shoot, and even getting a belly button ring.  Well, we surely miss Zoey regardless of why it came to an end, and really wouldn’t mind a reboot.

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