The Recess Live Action Movie
Marc Gordon - August 9, 2019

Growing up, we all had our favorite weekend cartoon to watch over a bowl or two of sugary cereal. It’s safe to say that Recess was probably one that you looked forward to watching on Saturday mornings. It was always a treat to watch the group of six friends enjoy their recess time to the fullest. 

Well, a shocking twenty years have gone by since then, with the show running from 1997 to 2001, and now a live-action movie is coming out! It’s here to offer us all a glimpse into what recess was like for the gang once they entered high school. 

The short film will bring the iconic characters from the cartoon to life, and show them as teenagers.  It’s actually a volunteer project, with the cast and crew taking part with funds raised from an IndieGoGO campaign and is made for the love of the series, rather than as a profitable project. It’s made by fans, for fans. 

It’s already reported to have an impressive cast including Benjamin Wadsworth, Sean Depner and Emilija Baranac, and although we’re not yet sure when it will be officially released, we’re so ready for recess time! 

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