The Real Life Gossip Girl Who Took Over NYC
Laura Lee - March 17, 2019

When new mysterious it-girl, Anna Delvey, arrived on New York’s social elite scene, people took notice. Any of New York’s richest socialite worth their salt (or crisp Benjamin Franklin) spotted Anna as she effortlessly assimilated into their world. But those who came close to Anna soon discovered that the blue-eyed beauty was playing a much more dangerous game.

Anna Delvey lived a lavish lifestyle, effortlessly fitting in with the privileged elite of New York City. She would jet-set on private planes to exotic islands and dine at the world’s most premier restaurants. All the while dressed in high-end designer clothes. Even though Anna’s life seemed Instagram-worthy, all wasn’t what it seemed.

By 2016, Anna Delvey was a regular in the New York City social scene. She was seen in luxurious downtown bars, clubs, and restaurants. Her extravagant lifestyle and a seemingly endless supply of money made Anna an enigma. She had no permanent address, flitting from hotel to hotel. For months at a time, Anna stayed in deluxe hotels such as The Standard, The Beekman, The Mercer, and 11 Howard. She handed out $100 tips to anyone and everyone like it was nothing at all.

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Acquaintances all had heard rumors of how Anna acquired her wealth. Her father was a Russian billionaire, a Russian diplomat, an oil tycoon, an antique collector, or a solar energy capitalist. No one knew the truth about Anna’s past. She was a true NYC enigma. Until the truth came out.

So who is the real Anna Delvey? The fake heiresses’ real name is Anna Sorokin. She is 28 years old. And she is currently on trial for grand larceny. Sorokin stole thousands of dollars from NYC social elite, banks, wealthy well-intentioned friends, and businesses. And there’s more: Sorokin presumes she is innocent and, according to her attorney, “never intended to commit a larceny.”

There are rumors about a Netflix series based on the wannabe socialite’s major fraud of NYC’s social elite.

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