The Rise Of K-Pop
Andrew Parker - August 29, 2019

There’s a new movement happening in the music industry. It’s infectious, it’s artistic, and it’s taking over the world. K-Pop, also known as Korean pop music, combines expertly coordinated beats, lyrics, dance moves, fashion, and style to produce an audiovisual experience that is truly out of this world. Here’s some of our favorite K-Pop stars making waves in the international music industry.



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Kim Tae-yeon, referred to in the industry as Taeyeon, rose to success with the girl group Girls’ Generation. She’s also a promeninte figure outside of K-Pop, and has lent her vocal talents to several television and movie productions. In 2015, she launched her own solo career and has sold over one million copies of her debut album.



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Kim Hyun-ah goes by the stage name “HyunA”. She’s a fearless singer, dancer, songwriter and model from South Korea. Her breakthrough into the music business started when she joined K-Pop female group Wonder Girls, and has since gone on to become a well known solo artist. Check out her single “Change”, which hit #2 on the Korean music charts.